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Monday, August 23, 2010

weekend Find

This was my $3.00 find at a local Goodwill.  It didn't come with a bow. I am not really sure what it is.
Now it makes a perfect holder for fresh flowers. Guess what? These are not fresh , but they look beautiful on my breakfast table.


  1. It kind of looks like a wine bottle holder it would also be good to hold towels in your bathroom or roll up magazines and put in the holes just some extra ideas. I like what you did to it.

  2. Hi Cristy,
    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your nice comment. Do try the ruffles. They are so very easy, and really add a lot, I think!

  3. Very cute! Always love a good find at the right price. Such versatility with this piece.

  4. See if a mason jar fits in there. Then you can fill the bottom with candy or popcorn for fall and add the flowers. Cute!