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Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Little Light

I have been working on my studio/craft area. It is a sitting room that goes into my bedroom. I would love for it to be all white and off-white but all the shelves are cherry wood. This is a built- in that was made by a dear friend who is no longer with us. I added these lights to lighten up the area. It looks so cool at night.

 I am into birds and birdhouses. I have to have white though.
 Remembering good times.


  1. Love how you put things together! Looks so neat!

  2. I'm really into white too at the moment,but some things are too precious to paint. I think some different colour furniture looks alright miixed in together,I don't mind that look either. Our sitting room will remain in mahogony,it will never get painted. The bedroom is pine,so I only have the sun room and sewing room to do all white,which keeps my happy.
    Your little white vignettes are lovely. What is it about birdhouses that we all love?
    That photo looks very romantic.
    Thank you for visiting,it's always nice to hear from you x