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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Before and After



It was time to clean out my bookcase. I went through my books and sorted according to color. I tried to find a place to give those that I have read and didn't want to keep. I added white accents and doilies. I was inspired by a blog that I viewed called The Refeathered Roost . I love blogs!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I like your bookshelf and your Willow Tree collection. :)

  2. Love your redesigned book shelf. Doilies always just soften a look doesn't it. I also have both your angel collectibles. A friend started me on it many years ago and I have many now and just love them.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment about my RH blog feature. You are so sweet.
    Have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Celestina Marie

  3. Oh, what a difference a pretty doilies and mixing things around can make! This reminds me That I need to clean out my
    bookshelf ...I really want to redo the whole thing...oh boy!

    1. It makes you feel so good to redo even a bookshelf.

  4. Doesn't it feel good when you do that. I itch to change things around too,and the best place for inspiration and ideas is blogs and pinterest I find. It looks really nice.:)

  5. You made a great difference, amazing to see this.
    Am a follower of yours via GFC,

    my blog:

  6. I like to change what I have on shelves. Sometimes, just moving items around helps. Thanks for your visit!

  7. Thanks for your comment. I too am always moving stuff.

  8. Love your shelf makeover! Sometimes all it takes is a little shuffling and tweaking, huh?
    Have a lovely day!

  9. Thanks Becky and thanks for becoming a follower.

  10. Nice changes! The doilies add a lot of interest. Beautiful after!

  11. Organization turned out to be a good thing! - When is it not? - When it takes up all my time! - I'm talking to myself on your blog. Oops.

  12. Looks great! Now you need to help me redecorate my bedroom.