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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Working on Guest Room

This is my son's old bedroom. He have been married for six years and it was past time to make some changes. I have always wanted a white bedroom. So the change begins.
 I found this at a cute little shop. It has a vantage look. The window below was dark wood so I painted it with an off white.
 This tray was also dark wood so I sprayed it and added  doilies to soften the look.

 I found these frames. It is just burlap and some old stamps.

 Love the heart design in the doily below.
 I can't pass up a doily. Look at the detail. These are in the two widows with matching angels.


  1. Such lovely little details you have added. I always love white!

  2. I have always wanted a white bedroom so now is the time.

    1. It's such fun changing a whole room, I am in love with white at the moment too. I love the pretty heart doily and darling Angel.

    2. If I see a pretty doily it is hard for me to pass it up. I have made a few and I know how hard it can be.

  3. Your doilies are pretty. My mother used to make them, I wish I knew how. I also like what you did with the picture frames.
    I like the looks of an all-white room, with perhaps a splash of pink. But living on a back-road in a very rural area it isn't practical for me because of the dust that passing cars seem to kick-up and farm dogs who come into the house.

  4. White is my favorite!!! It just makes the room look so clean! I love all the details.. Good job mama!

  5. I have started and it gives me something to look for while I am junking.

  6. Your guest room looks really good! White is so crisp and clean. Have fun looking for more great stuff!